The Mona Lisa Project

Happy February, loves! How are you all doing? Any plans this coming Valentine's day? *smiles* 

I have a surprise for you. But, you have to wait until Sunday, to read about it here in my blog. After my last post about love ages ago (click here if you wish to remember), I finally wrote another article for all of you. I assure you; you don't want to miss it out.

But, before anything else, let me present you, The Mona Lisa Project.

When my relatives stayed in Solaire a couple of months back, we were surprised to see a mini gallery of artists' different takes of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. To tell you honestly, some versions were raw and dark that they were somewhat scary, but they were real at the same time. I see no pretensions when I looked at these pieces.

Since, seeing this gallery was a stroke of luck and happy coincidences, my outfit was pretty laid-back. I wore these pj-like shorts from Bench paired with a shirt a size larger than my regular tops from Cotton On. As you will notice, the sides were open, so I opted to wear my lacy bralette from Bench as well, having a plaid long sleeves to cover me up once I feel the cold.

Come to think of it, seeing myself in these Mona Lisas reminded me how timeless artworks are and how fast-changing the world is. We can use different canvasses to paint nowadays, but the subject of our masterpieces, throughout the ages, it remains the same, and will remain the same no matter how many years and centuries may pass. Magical, right?

The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae02 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae03 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae04 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae05 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae06 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae07 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae08 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae09 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae10 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae10-1 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae11 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae12 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae13 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae14 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae15 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae16 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae17 The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae18 

TOP: Cotton On
BAG: Union Bay
LONG SLEEVES SHIRT: Thrifted from Baguio 

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Photos by one of my favorite cousins, Patrice

The Mona Lisa Project_msdanicamae20

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"The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."

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