Boracay (Instagram) Diaries

Until now, I'm quite not sure yet why I did not come to this place any sooner. When we speak of the Philippines and where to go here, this tourist destination is the first thing that comes to our minds. Yes, I'm talking about Boracay. After our trip, I finally comprehended why there's such a hype in this place. 

But before I delve further in the events that happened in our Boracay family adventure in my next posts, here are the pictures first from my Instagram feed.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy! *grins*

TOP: Divisoria SHADES: Sunnies
Trying to be cool, and I think I did good. Haha!

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae02 
I fell in love with Boracay too.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae03 
 Seafood risotto from the Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa
I wish we have this in Manila. I seriously miss this food.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae04

SWIMSUIT and SHADES: Forever 21
Life is good, and I'm forever grateful, even amidst the bad.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae05 
My cousins are all grown-up. *insert happy tears here*

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae06 
I fell in love with the colors of Boracay, too.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae09 
I couldn't resist. A beautiful silhouette of my cousin, Patrice.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae08

Dancing chefs at Seabreeze Cafe

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae11 
Breakfast buffet at Seabreeze Cafe (as well)

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae10 
My 10-year-old cousin and swimming buddy says "Hi!".

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae15 
Still a child of the sun and star.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae14 
I'm definitely coming back to this sunset.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae13 
SHADES: Sunnies | PHONE CASE: From Australia (Thank you, Patrice)

My summer weapons of choice.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae18 
Pizza from Project Pie (Yum!)

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae17 
Me and my photographer, Patrice
 I can't wait to show the pictures to you.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae16 
Worth the wait. Grilled innards and fruit milkshakes from Jonah's.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae20 
Chillin' and passing time.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae19 
Romanticizing Boracay.

Boracay Diaries_msdanicamae21

And no, I did not just check out the guy. Haha!

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