Hi, I'm Danica.

I am Danica Mae Dela Cruz and I am a style blogger.

After more than a year of blogging, who would have thought that this will be the first time that I’m going to introduce myself to you. It’s somewhat laughable, don’t you think?

But, here I am. 

Hi there! I’m Danica. But my family and my closest friends, or actually even at work, they call me by my nickname “Nikka”.

I am a Filipino. No foreign blood is running in my veins.

I’m pretty small. I only fair a good 5 feet 0 inches in height. But, may this not fool you, because what I lack in height, I assure you, I compensate with my presence.

I love, love, love a lot of things. I always get emotional and teary-eyed whenever something takes my breath away with its beauty and authenticity. There’s the way my parents smile whenever we are taking their picture together, my grandparents holding hands while strolling the mall, our dog standing up because I’m finally home, a small kid taking the world around him as he rides a jeepney, a tricycle driver slowing down because you are riding in the back and is afraid you are going to fall off, the exquisite fireworks of Disneyland, the first drop of rain and the sound it creates as they fall together, our cat who is lounging in front of our house because she is pregnant, the Sunday sound of radio music, letting go of your thoughts while floating in still sea water, lying my head down on my sister’s shoulder, having Facetime with my blind aunt who means the world to me, the taste and the richness of a real seafood pasta, a good lyrics and the melody of a song, old couples slow dancing, warm smiles of our Ates and Kuyas as they greet you in the office, last scene in a romcom movie and the “happily ever after”, vast horizon filled with stars, and of sunsets and sunrises... and the list goes on and on.

When we went to Singapore as a family last June 2015 to celebrate my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, I realized that the greatest gift that they gave me is the gift of dreams.

No, we are not wealthy. Even if I graduated from a renowned school here in the Philippines, and even though I speak Carabao English (a mixture of English and Tagalog) all the time, I came from an incredibly humble abode. Our struggles in life did not stop my parents though from giving my younger sister and I the freedom to choose our own paths. They fully equipped us to take on whatever journey our hearts desire as long as we know how to work for it and to always look back. Honestly, we are very fortunate and grateful to have this gift, and to be free.

And speaking of dreams, I already found it. Ever since I was a kid and got my hands on Betty and Veronica comic books, I had my first glimpse of fashion. I remember that I used to ask my family to buy me a tracing paper so I can draw their outfits. I even dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and having my own clothing store. Somehow though, they all got warped out, and I decided to be practical. I chose a different career which amazingly turned out that I’m good at it, I have a future there, and I’m excelling.

But it’s striking that my current job is also giving me the freedom to do more. It doesn’t confine me in the office. It doesn’t overload me enough that I have no life left. It actually gives me the independence to pursue more and to go back to my core— to what has always took my breath away. And that is my passion for fashion.

So, that’s why I have this style blog. 

Because whatever road I walk on, whatever detour or dead end I stumble on, I always go back to my first love, my first dream.

I hope that you also experience this feeling whenever you are thinking about something that you love deeply and you have this twitch in your heart that says: “This is your purpose.”

... And this is mine.

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"The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."

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