... And I'm back.

After a three-month hiatus, I am finally back in blogging. Hi everyone! *smiles* It is great to hear from you again... So, what are you all up to?

These past few months had been crazy hectic for me. Last April and May, almost all of my relatives from my mother side went back here in the Philippines to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of my Mommy and Daddy (also known as my grandmother and grandfather). The actual event was so memorable and touching because growing up, we've become witnesses of their love for each other. They are our inspirations. And what's not to love about 'forever' (cliche as it may sound)? 

And, there was also my parents' silver wedding anniversary which we celebrated in Singapore. What an experience! I will tell you all about it in the coming days.

So, going back to this outfit post, I'm thrilled to show you the collaboration that I did with one of my closest friends who I've met in Youth for Christ - Ateneo, Cj Favie. Being so young, I am proud to say that he is already an established photographer. He is continuously inspiring me to pursue my passion as he is doing such that. He always strives to be the best in his craft, whether it be in photography, music, his leadership skills, and so on.

And it is always a privilege whenever Cj takes a time off to help me with my blog... Thank you, Cj! *bear hug*

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For this look, I decided to pair two items that have different prints in them, but have the same color palette. Whenever you are going out, the general rule has always been that you should not have the same outfit as anyone else. This actually gets tricky when you buy items from clothing stores that are popular in your country. 

So to avoid any awkward situation that will come from that, always stock your closet with items that you can easily mix and match. What I normally do, I get a top and a bottom that once worn together can be mistaken as one unit. So for this ensemble, I actually got a lot of feedback that they love this "dress" when in fact, it is not a dress at all. Mission accomplished!

TOP: Thrifted
BAG and WATCH: Nine West
ACCESSORIES: Forever 21 
LIPSTICK: Russian Red by MAC

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Photos by Cj Favie
Hi, I'm Danica_msdanicamae23

I've also added this outfit in my Lookbook account. 

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