The Golden Hour

So, my last post had been emotionally heavy. I'm sure you'd agree. *blushes* I just really had to let that out, you know?

I guess, the reason why I shared that to all of you, and mind you, it's not to burden you, but it's more to say that I, too, feel that way every now and then. No matter how positive I am.

It's hard, right? Life is. 
But, no matter how difficult life maybe at times, I always come back to hoping and not giving up. In celebrating its beauty and accepting the flaws.

In trusting God more and more in spite of.

So as to move on with that state, here's an outfit post that is, I promise, very easy and comfortable to read. *laughs*

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You probably do not know this about me, but when I buy my clothes, I look at the design and style of the item more than the name of the brand. Since I'm not really picky, you probably also would not believe that I buy tons of my clothes in thrifted stores, market bazaars, and pretty much anywhere as long as I fancy that item. 

I basically like to dress up. It's my passion, you know. So you won't see me be restricted in buying expensive clothes that I can pretty much buy at a cheaper price in a low-end store. Example is buying the basics (white shirt, plain tank tops, etc) at any international clothing establishments when you can buy them in department stores. You need to value your money even if you're basically spending them in shopping.

The challenge always is in styling. You can simply create an expensive look using inexpensive pieces, or you can also cheapen a costly item by choosing the wrong things. You just have to research, practice, and practically know your own style. 

Because fashion, my dear friend, is also personal.

BAG: G by Guess
WATCH: Tomato
SHOESSM Parisian
NECKLACE: Forever 21 
SKORT and TOP: Taytay Everyday Bazaar

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Photos by Echie Hernandez

The Golden Hour_msdanicamae12 

Inspirational Corner

"The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."

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