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I think I already reached my blog posts quota for this month... Haha! Nah! Who am I kidding? I still have a lot of outfit posts to show you. *laughs*

How are you, by the way? How's life treating you so far?

I'm actually doing pretty good. I've rekindled my passion for blogging as you can see. *smiles* I may have to update my blog layout just so it will be a bit different. Do you know someone who can help me though? I really need help as I already have this idea in mind, but I just don't know how to execute it.
Anyway, I'm also organizing some shoots for my blog as I have a lot of new clothes that I want to style. If you have any suggestions or ideas, by the way, that you would like me to do or to reconsider to improve my blog, or if you have topics that you want me to tackle here, feel free to tell me please. I would really really really appreciate it.

And yes, moving on to this outfit, haha... 

So the weather is still crazy here in Manila. It's summer, no doubt about that, but it's also raining some other days. So, sometimes, I just really don't know what to wear to be prepared for an entire day. Good thing though that I have this long knitted cardigan that I got from one of my favorite stores here in the Philippines--- Stradivarius. I can easily wear it when it's starting to drizzle and the wind becomes chilly. But, if there's no sign of rain, then I'll stay in this summer-ready ensemble consisting of a chic tank top from Artwork and my bae skater skirt from Forever 21.

It's very important to stay comfy and proactive in our changing times. *winks*  

Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae01 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae02 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae03Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae05 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae06 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae07 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae08 Hear Me Roar_msdanicamae09

TOP: Artwork
SKIRT: Forever 21 
NECKLACE: Divisoria 
CARDIGAN: Stradivarius
BOOTS: Bongo

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