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Hi amazing people of the world! How are you all doing? Haha! 

Well, as you would have noticed by my greeting, I'm somewhat animated right now. It's been a while... like it's really been a long time since I've updated this blog. I'm sure you all agree. *wink*

No excuses here. I don't intend to lie to you. Not in forever.
Sadly, I'm having a hard time in fitting my blogging and all of its necessities in my weekday schedule. I usually come home at nine or ten in the evening, and by then I'm dead tired. So, I do everything in the weekend. And my, my, my... I've had my share of interesting weekends lately. If you want, you can check out my Instagram account (@msdanicamae) to know more about those experiences. Teehee!

I've actually started to edit this set a couple of weeks ago. But, I never expected to have soooo many pictures to choose from. Thank you to my photographer and a good friend, Judes, for giving me this beautiful dilemma. Haha!

So, I hope you all enjoy. I definitely did because of all the twirling and dancing that I had to do to produce some movements. I felt like a kid that went to a park for the very first time in her life. *laughs*

Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae01 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae02 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae03 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae04 
Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae05 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae06 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae07 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae08 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae09 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae11 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae12 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae13 
Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae17Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae14 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae15  Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae18 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae19 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae20 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae21 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae22 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae23 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae24 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae25 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae26 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae27 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae28 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae29 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae30 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae31 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae32 Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae33

SKIRT: Thrifted
CROP TOP: Material Girl
LIPSTICK: MAC Pink Nouveau
SHOES and NECKLACE: Forever 21 

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Photos by Judes Calpo

Dancing-on-Air Happy_msdanicamae34

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"The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."

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