Hi, I'm Autumn!

Hey guys! Who else is excited that November is finally here? I'm sure I am. How was your Halloween? Did you do something fun?

This month, for me, is a time of remembrance and thanksgiving. We reminisce the love that keeps us alive today—the gift that is the dead. We relive the memories that they gave us when they are still with us. And we continue to cherish them. And love them.

At the same time, we also start giving thanks to all the experiences that this year holds for us—all the happiness and sadness, all the hopes and disappointments... the roller coaster ride that makes us remember that, yes, we are still alive.

These are what November stands for in my personal opinion.

Aside from that, since we do not have Autumn here in the Philippines, I decided to look like one. Welcome shades of orange and red!

I have to say that one of my favorite thrifted pieces is this Fall-inspired top. I got it for Php 50.00 (US$ 1.11). It's very cheap indeed, but the quality is amazing. Its material is light, smooth, and thin that follows your every movement. I added some gold necklaces to bring more character to my outfit, and layered them to make them look like a single piece of accessory.

And since my blouse is already too loud, I decided to tone the look down by wearing my overused black high waist shorts from Forever 21 and engraved Coach bag. To complete the look, I wore my matching pumps from Nine West. The prints in these shoes are too die for. Don't you agree?

Trick or Treat_msdanicamae01 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae04 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae06 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae08 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae09 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae10 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae12 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae14 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae13 Trick or Treat_msdanicamae15

BAG: Coach
TOP: Thrifted
SHOES: Nine West
SHORTS: Forever 21 

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Photos by my sister, Denise

Trick or Treat_msdanicamae16

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