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Hi guys! It is almost October; are you also excited like me? Well, actually, I have a pretty good reason why I'm always thrilled when October comes around the corner. Have you already guessed why? If you've thought: "Is it because it's your birth month?" The answer is yes.
My birthday is coming up in two days and I basically don't know what to do. I definitely want it to be special, but I'm lost. It feels like I'm not yet ready-- not to grow old, but to do something spectacular. Do you ever feel that way? And, yes, I'm certainly panicking right now. *laughs*

But I sure hope that I get my act together and organize my whole-day agenda before it's too late. Without a doubt, I want my birthday to be as festive as this outfit that I've prepared for you all.

 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 

I am yet again wearing my favorite pieces in this outfit, starting off with these vibrant floral peplum top from Forever 21. Even if it's a little pricey for a top, when I first saw it, I had an impulse to buy it. I love how I can wear this top on formal occasions. I actually wore it first on a company Christmas party. Now, I wore it for a play I attended in the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

But, even though I'm going for something formal, I couldn't resist to add a twist in this ensemble. I paired this extraordinary top with my leather skater skirt from YRYS to add more spunk and attitude. And I'm really thankful that I had accessories to match and complete the whole look. Aren't they perfect?

SHOES: SM Parisian

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Photos by Bea De Leon


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