The Brilliance of the Dusk

An exquisite day to everyone! Yes, it's quite formal compared to my usual greetings, but let's just say that I'm just trying to match the formality and sophistication of this ensemble. I apologize for the corny-ness. *laughs*

Would you believe me when I say that I've worn this outfit sans the bag and heels to the office? Yes. I definitely did. 
What I love about this floral dress from Forever 21 is that it can be wearable in the day and also in the night. You just have to accessorize it properly. 

What I chose to make this into a night outfit was my trusty sequined heart-shaped bag. It is sparkling which makes it perfect in the evening. Plus, it's so tiny which makes it friendly for dancing and clubbing. I completed the look with my very comfortable heels from Zara.

Do you also have an outfit in mind that can be flexible anytime of the day and night? Comment down below and tell me about it. I love to hear from you.

 The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae02 The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae03 The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae04 The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae05 The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae06 The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae07 The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae08 


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Photos by Judes Calpo

The Brilliance of the Dusk msdanicamae09

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