The Beauty of the Ruins

Hey guys! It is a long weekend here in the Philippines, and I am so excited to just do things with that extra time. I have a mental list and hopefully I can complete them all.

Anyway, I want to know how you are going to spend your holiday? Would you tell me about it?

The Wanderer_msdanicamae06 The Wanderer_msdanicamae07 The Wanderer_msdanicamae02 The Wanderer_msdanicamae05 The Wanderer_msdanicamae04

I don't know if you've noticed but I love contradictions in my outfits. It creates variety, dynamic and drama. And I think that an outfit with a contradiction is never boring.

Can you guess what two things are clashing in these photos? If you answered my look and the scenery, then you are correct.

When these photos were shot, I knew first hand that we were going to a location where there was a rich history of the place and a lot of ruins. I, then, decided to wear this ensemble featuring my warm palette midi skirt and a complimenting white lace top. This outfit represented beauty mainly because of its soft and delicate look, and it contrasted perfectly with the rocky situation going on in the background.

Because of the contradiction, I do believe that my ensemble stood out. Would you think so, too?

BAG: Coach
SHOES: Stradivarius
ACCESSORIES: Forever 21 
TOP and SKIRT: From a bazaar me and my mom went to 

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Photos by Judes Calpo

The Wanderer_msdanicamae08

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"The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."

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