An Oath

Promise me one thing.

If you know you are deserving of it, if you know you've worked your hardest, whether it be in love, a promotion, an award, a break from a messy situation, a closure, a vacation, and so on and so forth, just go get it

Do not be afraid and do not be a coward. 

For only the people who do things, who act, who say what they want, are the ones who are going to take it all. 

Do not wait long enough, do not assume, that everything will just fall into your lap, because they won't. 

You have to work hard. You have to be deserving. You have to really want it to the point that whatever life throws on you, you will accept. But, you will not give up. 

You can never give up.

For this is what life is all about.

It is about you working hard and earning the benefits that make life beautiful as it already is. It is about living.

Do not just exist.

And do not... you should never ever step on other people. 

Do not crush their dreams. Do not destroy everything that they've worked hard for.

Instead, promise me that you will help them and inspire them to continue.

For only those who have been selfless enough to offer and lend a helping hand, will be fulfilled in the end. Because that constitutes happiness. That constitutes what being a human is all about.

Get what you want, but do not steal what isn't yours. You are good. Believe in that. 

Believe in Him.

Because, even if you turn the whole imperfect world upside down, nothing is still sweeter than a life you've fought for.

A life you know you deserve.

Inspirational Corner

"The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."

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