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Hi guys! How are you? Summer is almost over, but before we bid goodbye to it for a couple of months, let me share this summer-inspired outfit first.

What I love about this ensemble are:

1. The colors. Can I just say, "Wow!"? If you're going to look at my own personal style, you would notice that I love colors; I love prints; And I love to stand out. All of these are in this dress. I love how vibrant and positive this ensemble exudes just because it has a bit of everything when it comes to its colors.

2. The sleeves. I don't know if you remember but I've worn this dress in Hong Kong (Here's the link). There's not a lot of aztec prints top or dress that has sleeves and I'm happy that I've found one. Because of the sleeves, it's wearable in any season.

3. The price. You'll be surprised to know that I've bought this dress for only Php 120 and that's around US$ 3. I saw this in a marketplace that my mom and I used to go to. It doesn't have a label, but that's more than okay with me. It looks pricey right? But we have been fooled.

4. The accessories. Since the dress in itself has a life on its own, I tried to tone it down with black accents. And I love the result. Even the accessories stood out.

I can go on and on about this ensemble, but I won't. I won't bore you down. Just sharing my current fave while we're preparing for the rainy season.

Take care guys and stay happy and awesome!

modernwoman01 modernwoman02 modernwoman03 modernwoman04 modernwoman05 modernwoman06modernwoman08 modernwoman09

DRESS: No Label
BELT: Stradivarius


Photos by Judes Calpo


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