Macau Diaries

It’s been four years or so since I last visited Macau, and I never thought how nostalgic the experience would be. Thanks to my Alma Mater, I was granted the privilege and opportunity to be an exchange student in the University of Macau. I studied Business Administration there for a semester and stayed for 149 days. (Yes, I kept count.) It’s in this place that I met tons of awesome people from all over the world. I’m fortunate enough that I still communicate to some of them once in a while. Definitely, one of the blessings that I treasure! 
As I was strolling through the places that I used to go to in Macau, I kept thinking of that stage in my life when I actually lived there. Macau, in essence, is very small. You can technically visit all the attractions in two to three days. For some, staying there for months can be really boring, but not to me. What kept the memories beautiful and significant was not the place, but the people I knew. Don’t get me wrong. Macau is wondrous and all. But nothing can compare to all the friends that I made there. I remember that we used to party all the time, tried different restaurants, participated in Poker tournaments, went to countless festivals, used fake names when we needed to sign our names for coming home to the dormitory by wee hours in the morning, met up to discuss our projects, and the list goes on.

I simply miss everything!

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It’s in Macau that I learned to let go and take risks. To accept and to adapt. To be free and to stand on my ground. To depend on myself and still keep track of what’s important.

It’s in Macau that I learned to expand my world—that it’s not just me, but it’s me and the world


Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal (1)
Ruins of St. Paul (2)
Senado Square (3, 14, 16)
A-Ma Temple (4, 5, 6, 7, 22)
MGM Hotel (8, 9)
Leal Senado Building (10, 11, 12, 13, 15)
Galaxy Macau (17)
Sands Cotai Central (18, 19, 20)
The Venetian Macao (21, 23, 24)     


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