Tiptoe If You Must

Hey guys! After almost two weeks of not updating this blog, I’m finally back. Happy month of March everyone!
I’m sincerely sorry for the hiatus. To tell you honestly, I haven’t had the time these past few days to write or even open my laptop to update this blog. I was also having some major writer’s block on top of the hectic schedule that I had. I am still learning right now on how to balance everything out between blogging and photo shoots, my day job, all the dinners/lunches, trips and so on that make up my life as of the moment. But, what can I say? I live for these occasions. And just by knowing what I really want to do with my life—what I want to achieve—then these are indeed preparations of what is to come.

So, anyway, how are you all doing? Hope everything is fine and dandy. If not, just hang in there. For, you know, whatever is going on in your life right now, that too shall pass. You’ll make it, I promise.

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You know, an amazing thing happened to me yesterday. I’ve been having writer’s block for days and I keep erasing what I’ve written. One of the hindrances I noted was that I’ve been consumed again of the comparisons that I did on myself with people who have already gone far from their chosen careers. I know that was a big no-no, but sometimes I just cannot shake this bad habit of mine. So yes, all the doubts started to creep in again; all the fears that I have resurfaced and became contagious; and even the laziness became too hard to resist.

But yesterday, what pulled me out of this dark hole was actually the very laid-back day that I had.

It was an exceptionally typical Saturday of my life. I woke up late. I had brunch. I downloaded and watched all the American series that I’ve been following. I cancelled my supposed trip to the mall. I instagram-ed. I did not clean the house though I vowed to do that this weekend. I tried to work on my blog, but I failed miserably. And so on and so forth. So, like I said, it was a characteristically lazy day—a very unproductive one at that. 

And I guess, as I was watching a re-run of American Idol on TV, I realized that my day was going to be rubbish again if I do not pull my act together. If I continue what I was doing, then nothing will ever change and I will certainly not go far. I was reminded of the fact that what actually pushed me to create this blog in the first place was I grew tired of being unproductive. I grew tired of wasting my time and not seizing the day... I became exhausted of just watching myself stand still when I can actually move forward.

Tiptoe if you must.

So, here I am writing this post and saying that I will continue to reach for the stars, follow my dreams, and live... that no matter how far the destination is, as long as I keep on making these steps in the right direction, then I will certainly get there someday.  

How about you? What’s your decision going to be like? 

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COAT: RJ Story
DRESS: The Market
SOCKS: Converse

Photos by my sister, Denise 


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Thank you for reading! 

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