This is for you.

Hey there. How are you? It’s been a pleasure knowing that you’re finally at that moment where you are now reminiscing the past—your very first blog post. It’s surreal right?

So, how is everything now? How far have you gone in this journey of yours?

I do hope and pray that you are doing great and that above all else, you are happy. Because happiness matters. And your happiness, dear Danica, is our priority.

So, do you remember why you decided to write this letter to your future self and why you could not start the blog without it?

... It is to remind yourself of your beginnings. 

I want you to remember the time before you started this blog—those of your darker moments. Remember all your doubts. Remember all those harsh words that you speak so wantonly to yourself. Remember all the tears you shed simply because you are lost and helpless, with no control of your future. Remember your broken dreams that had pierced you and emptied you out. Remember hurting the ones you love because you wanted them to feel what you were going through. Remember turning away from the Lord because you were ashamed that you’ve become that person that would accuse your own Father of leaving you when you needed Him the most. And remember the time you realized that you were more petrified that this was actually what God wanted for you all along—to lose everything you hoped and worked for, and start again from scratch.

Do you remember now? ... Good. Because these next few lines are very important.

I want you, Danica, to remember what you did after walking aimlessly in that darkness—your darkness. I want you to specifically remember how you stopped and rested, how you inhaled then exhaled, how you stood up and recalled that you are and will always be... special.

Because you, Danica, are created for greater things.

You know deep within your heart that you can do anything that you put your heart and mind into.

That even if you doubt yourself, you trust just a little bit more.
That even if you are imperfect, you are good.
That even if you are lost, you can be found.
That even if you failed to turn your dreams into a reality, you still have the luxury to chase new ones.
That even if you hurt the ones you love, you can ask for their forgiveness and spend your time making up for the pain that you have caused them.
That even if you feel all alone and neglected, your Father makes sure that you are not. You just have to stop running away from Him.

And that even if you are scared of losing everything, you are comforted by the fact that this is His will, and thy will shall always be done.

So yes, Danica, this was your beginning.

You believed... and you believed in yourself.

And you knew that all of these would not be possible if you hadn’t stopped and looked for the Lord. Because you realized that the moment you stood up after falling countless of times, it was God who was giving you the strength to go on with your life. Because your Father will always be your anchor. He will always be your direction.

For He loved you first.

Believe this, Danica. Always keep this in mind. For you will move mountains. And when you do, then I have served my purpose.

Nikka of February 2014
"She believed she could, so she did."

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"The sunrise, of course, doesn't care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."

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